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Hi I’m Carol.


Travelling to Thailand is one thing and visiting the islands is another…..but living as a local, as I did, for 5 years while teaching English at an International School, gives you a totally different perspective of a country and its people.


My husband and I starting travelling to Amazing Thailand well over two decades ago. We were sourcing fashion products for our businesses at the time. We literally ‘fell in love’ with not only the place and people but mostly with the cuisine. So much so that on returning to South Africa we developed a full range of Thai Food products!

We have been asked by many of our friends and colleagues to give an account of our many experiences, as some have been quite unique and eventful, sometimes even bizarre.


We have built up a huge reservoir of information and knowledge from our experiences so I am sure that my blog will be of some benefit to those wanting to know more about travelling South East Asia, and particularly to Thailand.  Shopping ideas, living as a local, where to go, how to get there cost effectively and even learning how to cook basic Thai food are some of the topics that I will be covering.

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